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Muay Thai Gloves

Arguably the most important gear. There are plenty to choose from, so what's right for you?

Everything You Need To Know About Muay Thai Gloves

Features to look for, brands, guides, and SHOP (scroll down)!

This section will be controversial as everyone has an opinion on Muay Thai gloves and there are plenty of brands to choose from.

Please, keep in mind my goal is to make sure you are purchasing the right gloves for you.

NOT hype, not to make me money, not for any reason other than to be a guide for you.

How to Choose Muay Thai Gloves

This article will guide you through choosing the suitable Muay Thai gloves that meet your needs.

Understand the Different Types of Muay Thai Gloves

Before choosing Muay Thai gloves, it is essential to understand the different types available. There are three primary types: training gloves, sparring gloves, and competition gloves. Training gloves are typically used during practice sessions, while sparring gloves are for training sessions where fighters engage in controlled contact with their opponents. Competition gloves are worn during actual fights and are the smallest of the three types.

Determine the Right Size of Gloves for You

Choosing the right size of gloves is crucial in ensuring they provide the proper protection and support. Sizes typically range from 6 oz to 18 oz. A general rule of thumb is to choose gloves that weigh 10-ounce if you weigh less than 120 lbs, 12-ounce if you weigh between 120 and 150 lbs., 14-ounce if you weigh between 150 and 180 lbs., and 16-ounce if you weigh more than 180 lbs.

However, this is only sometimes true. Most gyms will only let you spar with 16oz. Talk to your coach before purchasing your gloves.

Consider the Type of Padding

Muay Thai gloves come with different types of padding. The most common types are foam and gel padding. Foam padding is often lighter, whereas gel padding provides more protection. Gel padding is ideal for heavy bag training, while foam padding is better for speedbag and shadow boxing training. Remember, these are guides, as padding is a preference.

Look for Durable Materials

Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing Muay Thai gloves. Leather gloves tend to be more durable than synthetic gloves, but they are also more expensive. Synthetic gloves are less costly and still provide adequate protection, but they may not last as long as leather gloves. As synthetic gets more popular, the quality is increasing too. The longevity also depends on your cleaning and care habits!

Check for Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation prevents the build-up of sweat and odors. Gloves with adequate ventilation will keep your hands dry, comfortable, and free from unpleasant odors. Look for gloves with breathable materials, such as mesh or perforated leather on the palm, if your hands sweat more.

Decide on the Closure System

Muay Thai gloves have different closure systems, including hook and loop, lace-up, and elastic. Hook and loop closures are the most common and offer a secure fit. Lace-up gloves provide a more traditional look but can be time-consuming to put on and take off. Elastic closure systems are easy to use but may not provide as secure of a fit as hook and loop or lace-up.

Consider Your Budget

Muay Thai gloves come at different price points, depending on the type of gloves and the quality of materials used. Therefore, consider your budget first when choosing gloves. While it may be tempting to go for the least expensive option, investing in a high-quality pair of gloves can save you money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of injury and the need to replace gloves frequently.

Thank you for checking out this general guide on choosing Muay Thai gloves. If you are starting out, I wrote a guide on Muay Thai gear for beginners.


Before you go on Amazon and search "muay thai gloves" please look below. There are gloves on there for $25 and 7k ratings, but they are random brands and I wouldn't trust em. Below are some of my pics in various price ranges. I added little notes to em to based on why I chose them.

I own these and love them. Also, I try not use leather, so personal choice. They have a longer break in time.

Leather version of mine. My coach uses them and they feel just fine when I get hit in the face.

Might be my favorite all arounder right now. Happily get hit by this by my sparring bud regularly.

Cheap, I like the velcro wrist support for beginners. Good beginner gloves or extra if ya want 10oz.

Sanabul is solid overall. I have shorter forearms, so the cuff was big on me, but a sparring partner has no problem.

These were my 2nd gloves. They were big for me, but the quality for $50 was great. Good for bigger hands.

Icy Mike Recommends these. You can check his video here:

Only listing cause csquaredboxing recommends them for beginners:

I wanted to throw an RDX glove on here because they are popular. Cheap, first gloves for a medium hand size.

Yokkao is a high-end brand, and you can't go wrong with them. Funky colors! Channel you inner Saenchai!!!.

Windy is a very respected brand. I have never tried the, but many YT reviewers suggest them.

Jayefo are cheap and popular. I don't like their quality as much as I do Elite but your preference here.

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Possibly the most subjective piece of gear you will own. Here you will find what to look for in muay thai gloves. Beginners save money now and start your research for your upgrades!

Shin Guards

Conditioning your shins will come in time, but protect them now and don't feel as bad kicking your friends when sparring. PLUS, some extras to help you avoid ripping your achilles skin.


Not every gym requires you to get your own headgear. But, we suggest you do. You don't know if the last person cleaned them properly, and that is NOT a problem you want.


Traditional Muay Thai shorts are a popular design but now there are more options. From material to features, we will explain the pros and cons.

Mouth Guards

It is way more expensive to fix a chipped tooth than to have a mouth guard...or two...or maybe even 20 or more. Get the point?

Hand Wraps

Seems basic, right? A wrap around your hand. What about size, elastic vs non, slip-ons (with gel!)...get the idea?

Foot/Ankle Wraps

Much like hand wraps but for the opposite end of your body. After a few kicks, you'll see why we recommend them.

Elbow Pads

When the time comes and your gym allows you to spar with elbows, you will need pads. Your partner doesn't want a split eyebrow.

Knee Pads

Another buffer that allows you to throw a little harder but not hurt your partner. Plus, protect your joints as you get older.

"Thai" Pads

These are the most popular pads at your gym. However, sometimes the gyms are destroyed, so own a pair.

Focus Mitts

Great for increasing accuracy and speed. These little pads have huge benefits and can be used anywhere.

Belly Pads

Conditioning your abs in the beginning is great! As you level up, the teeps get tougher!

Strike Shield

This is a very versatile pad and there are slight features that matter quite a bit. You will love this for training with strong kickers.

Thigh Pads

Dead legs hurt! Believe us, we will get to a great story in here of a week long dead leg. These also help you flex into kicks.


What's more important than a cool graphic? Discord why we choose certain materials, length, and brands.

Gym Bags

A big duffel works and so does a backpack. But, what if you ride a motorcycle - where are the waterproof bags? See our suggestions.


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